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Going, going, gone!

You heard it here first, folks. My new site is up, and while I am still working on the design, the site is fully functional. And populated. I’m posting regularly about the Windows Phone experiment I am running, so shoot on over to Raithlin’s Corner to have your say, and help me go WP!


Moving house

I have registered a new domain for my musings – It’s a simple CMS for now, and I’m mulling over how complex I should go (the current setup is a cheap hosting plan without a database, but that may change rather quickly). Once I’m on leave, I will sit and start merging all the different places my content sits across the web.

Stay tuned.

Fun with Android

I love playing with tech. It’s a given where I am involved that at some point you will ask for advice or help regarding some piece of technology or device. Just accept it, okay.

So I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (it’s a phone) that I have been lovingly using for over a year now. I discovered custom ROMs back when I had a Windows Mobile phone – the imate K-JAM – and Android is several steps ahead in this respect. Okay, let’s be fair – Android is light-years ahead in many respects, not the least because it is a modern OS designed for phones, and came out many years after Windows Mobile was spawned… but I digress. Samsung has done us all a huge favour by making sure Android 4.1.2 (with Project Butter) came to the Galaxy S2, nearly 2 years after it was first released. It gave the phone new life, and a new interface to go with it. Kudos, Samsung. However, the geek inside me itches for change, and the latest tech. It’s not you, Samsung. It’s me.

Enter MIUI. MIUI is a Chinese fork of Android, and a very successful one at that. I used it last year for the first time, and was astounded by the fluidity and consistency of the OS. Yes, it looks and works a little (okay, a lot) like Apple’s iOS platform in that the home screen is full of icons, and there is no app drawer. So what. The theme engine is second to none, and the amount of themes available to download is astounding. MIUI also has its own market, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Google Play works fine on it, as does every piece of software I have downloaded.

I used AsNet’s popular port for the S2. As at the current version it is based on MIUI 3.6.7, running Android 4.1.2.  Nice and fast. I am using a theme called Black Android v5, which is a white on black minimalist theme, which goes a long way toward conserving power on the Super AMOLED Plus screen the S2 sports.

I may still go back to my favourite launcher – Action Launcher Pro – but for now I am happy with my phone as it is. It’s different, unique in my circle of friends, and functional. Very functional. I’d recommend this particular ROM in an instant.

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Rabbit holes, and pudding

So I am terrible at communicating. Give me all the tools in the world – from twitter to Facebook, email to the simple phone call – and I will still disappear for weeks on end. I’m not even sure why. My folks used to despair when I was at boarding school, and they wouldn’t hear anything from me unless they phoned.

Nothing has changed over the years. I am quite happy to talk to those around me, please understand. I just don’t get to anybody further away than my own house.

I will in the next 5 minutes attempt to psychoanalyse my own behaviour. Bear with me as we travel together down this rabbit hole.

I was born a thinker. I love to read, and have been reading for as long as I can remember. Reading is a lonely pastime though, and I am quiet and reserved by nature.

I went to boarding school at the tender age of 13. I say tender, but I am of the opinion that anyone would be tender – or more likely, a tenderfoot – when first arriving at a boarding school. I had a best friend who was almost 2 years younger than I, and I had not yet caught up with the fact that at my age one was supposed to have stopped playing with action figures and wot not. Suffice to say I had a somewhat rude awakening on my first day.

Things didn’t get much better during that first year. Std 7 boarders suffered almost as much as the junior Std 6’s back then, and I had the extreme misfortune to have been recovering from Hepatitis in October of the previous year. As a result I was forbidden from most exercise – which included whatever plans the matrics had for us at 5am in the morning, much to their chagrin and ire, I assure you – which invoked feelings of displeasure from my fellow sufferers.

All of this may have caused me to withdraw into myself, and not wanting to disappoint my parents (I wasn’t ever a successful liar), I could possibly have subconsciously stopped wanting to communicate with them at all. That’s not to say that I did, however.

After high school, which included a short stint at home, I was shipped off to the army for a compulsory stint – which turned into 3 years. I was once again away from home, and made my own friends once again.

Of course, to finish off the whole story, I got married soon after the army spat me out, and started my own family. I’ve over-simplified things somewhat, but there it is.

I have never felt it necessary to call my folks and say hi for the sake of it. My mother apparently feels differently about it. Sorry, mom.

There is another school of thought.

I forget. A lot. Not just calling people either. I am what you would call the absent-minded professor. I know a lot of trivia, have studied within my profession, and keep updated with my passion of technology. One’s brain can only keep track of so much, you understand. I keep notes so I don’t forget important stuff at work, and at home. Keeping in touch doesn’t seem to be all that important to me, is all. My wife doesn’t have a family to keep in touch with, so I have no reminder there either, although she does occasionally encourage me to keep in touch with my parents, having lost hers.

I’m not sure if either of these is even a valid reason. They are certainly not excuses, although I hope that my siblings and parental units 🙂 will by reading this gain a better understanding into my psyche, and why I may be who I am, and forgive me nonetheless.

After all, we only have one life to live.



This my second post. I am forcing myself to post regularly, and so the first few posts may be garbage while I get into the routine.

I have an Android phone, as do many people these days (by last count). I had heard of the WordPress app, mentioned in more than one tech podcast, but had never had the opportunity to use it. Until now, and that is. So with the help of my trusty phone I find myself tapping out my thoughts, and as opposed to trying to find the best time to sit at my laptop and do this. Which may be why my previous attempts at blogging failed so miserably.

One of my favourite children’s stories is Winnie the Pooh. The characters are delightful, and the stories rich and varied. Disney has done the author proud too, in my humble opinion (who am I kidding – nobody’s opinion is humble). Even today I see Eeyore in some people (Oh bother), and Tigger in others. My favourite word from that franchise has to be “heffalump” – it has a ring to it that is quite unlike anything else. It paints a picture in your mind unique to you (unless you watched the movie, but in which case you see a cute, buttoned elephant), and probably evokes emotions too.

I have no clue where this is going, but so I’ll end it here. Perhaps there is a point to this post; if you see one, but let me know. I might even come back and finish it.


It starts

I’ve wanted to blog for absolutely ages – all the way back to my early twenties, when websites were still built using HTML and spit. Back in the days of IE3 (That’s a long time ago to you young folk), when I had visions and dreams of how my life would turn out, I wanted to be online and be heard.

Years have passed, and my life has turned out quite differently to how I had envisioned it would (doesn’t it always?). I still want to have a public journal though. These days it’s all about facebook and twitter – and I have both of those, but I prefer to lay my thoughts down in longhand, and this seems to be the best way to do it.

To be fair, I have tried this in the past – I have an old blogger account that might be gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the internet – but hopefully I can keep this up longer than before, airing my aimless thoughts and concerns to the world at large. Of course, I don’t know if anyone will be listening.

You are, aren’t you?


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