About stuff

I am normal. A regular Joe (or Bub, or Sven, if you prefer) that has a normal family of a wife and 2.2 children (the average per family, if you must know).

I enjoy reading – fantasy is my preferred genre, and the Kindle app on my iPad is one of the most used apps on any of my devices.

Speaking of devices, I am a technology hobbyist. I not only work in IT as a software developer, but I thoroughly enjoy my toys too. From phone-sized to tablet and above, it’s the mobile space that has me enthralled at the moment. I love tinkering too, so as you can guess my Android phone is rooted and runs custom firmware.

Because of my hobbies and my passion for technology, I am often approached by others for advice. Advice is free, and I don’t mind giving it. That usually goes down well.

You will find me out and about on various forums – check my favourite sites for details.


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