Fun with Android

I love playing with tech. It’s a given where I am involved that at some point you will ask for advice or help regarding some piece of technology or device. Just accept it, okay.

So I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (it’s a phone) that I have been lovingly using for over a year now. I discovered custom ROMs back when I had a Windows Mobile phone – the imate K-JAM – and Android is several steps ahead in this respect. Okay, let’s be fair – Android is light-years ahead in many respects, not the least because it is a modern OS designed for phones, and came out many years after Windows Mobile was spawned… but I digress. Samsung has done us all a huge favour by making sure Android 4.1.2 (with Project Butter) came to the Galaxy S2, nearly 2 years after it was first released. It gave the phone new life, and a new interface to go with it. Kudos, Samsung. However, the geek inside me itches for change, and the latest tech. It’s not you, Samsung. It’s me.

Enter MIUI. MIUI is a Chinese fork of Android, and a very successful one at that. I used it last year for the first time, and was astounded by the fluidity and consistency of the OS. Yes, it looks and works a little (okay, a lot) like Apple’s iOS platform in that the home screen is full of icons, and there is no app drawer. So what. The theme engine is second to none, and the amount of themes available to download is astounding. MIUI also has its own market, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Google Play works fine on it, as does every piece of software I have downloaded.

I used AsNet’s popular port for the S2. As at the current version it is based on MIUI 3.6.7, running Android 4.1.2.  Nice and fast. I am using a theme called Black Android v5, which is a white on black minimalist theme, which goes a long way toward conserving power on the Super AMOLED Plus screen the S2 sports.

I may still go back to my favourite launcher – Action Launcher Pro – but for now I am happy with my phone as it is. It’s different, unique in my circle of friends, and functional. Very functional. I’d recommend this particular ROM in an instant.

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