It starts

I’ve wanted to blog for absolutely ages – all the way back to my early twenties, when websites were still built using HTML and spit. Back in the days of IE3 (That’s a long time ago to you young folk), when I had visions and dreams of how my life would turn out, I wanted to be online and be heard.

Years have passed, and my life has turned out quite differently to how I had envisioned it would (doesn’t it always?). I still want to have a public journal though. These days it’s all about facebook and twitter – and I have both of those, but I prefer to lay my thoughts down in longhand, and this seems to be the best way to do it.

To be fair, I have tried this in the past – I have an old blogger account that might be gathering dust in a forgotten corner of the internet – but hopefully I can keep this up longer than before, airing my aimless thoughts and concerns to the world at large. Of course, I don’t know if anyone will be listening.

You are, aren’t you?


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